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Big doings here at Monster HQ. Book one of the Temple of Vengeance series is in copy edits with the lovely and talented Shayla Raquel. The talented and gracious Janey Merry has joined the team to manage the looming Kickstarter in September for the limited edition hardcover of Raven Queen, Arise and other cool swag and merch. Plus, I think I was just introduced to the assistant of my dreams—we’ll see if she agrees when we talk next week.

The book page is up except for all of the content warnings, which my daughter is helping me navigate to make sure that I’m being both sensitive (not my strongest suit) and comprehensive. I plan to have those done long before the Friday 01 October 2021 release date, but there’s a LOT of other work to do, too.

The book map for Raven Queen, Avenge (Temple of Vengeance Volume Two) is complete for draft zero. I wrote chapter one and promptly threw it out. I love the words and I needed to write them, but they weren’t where the story starts. So, today, I’m back to square one and writing the chapter one that I think will be the “real one.” Time will tell, as will my many critique partners and editors. (Most people believe novel writing is a lonely sport—and it feels that way much of the time—but producing a quality book is a team effort and I could never do it alone.

If you’re looking for help with your own novel, check out BookShaman.com.

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