Dark Epic Fantasy

Ages ago, long-forgotten ancestors fled from elsewhen. They draped the world in a veil of shadow to hide it from hungry demons. The makers hung the suns in the sky to protect mortals from any outsiders who might sneak in through the veil. They created the paradise of their dreams. In addition to the makers, a few strong souls ascended to godhood as stewards of the secret utopia. For millennia, mortals enjoyed eternal summer.

During the Depredations, ambition, greed, rivalries, and darker human impulses grew amongst the immortal guardians. They lost their way and forgot their purpose as caretakers. The strongest became entitled to the subservience of the rest. The weaker resorted to abuse of magic, including inviting outsiders into the garden to serve their own ends. The protective veil weakened with each summoning of demons. Two of the guardian suns’ power was nearly drained in order to destroy opposing factions. For a thousand years after the Little War and the abolition of mortal magic, peace reigned under a new tyranny, ruled by a squabbling pantheon of the high gods and the old.

When the oppression of the Temple of Elysia threatens the clans of the free highlands, one woman will rise up to defy the will of the high gods and the old.

The Temple of Vengeance Quadrilogy

This work in progress launched October, 2021 with book one. Remaining release dates TBA.

  • Raven Queen, Arise

    Book One

  • Raven Queen, Avenge

    Book Two

  • Raven Queen, Ascend

    Book Three

  • Raven Queen, Atone

    Book Four

Dark Paranormal / Urban Fantasy

Beneath the sane, rational facade of the modern world, there are nightmares undreamt of in most mortals’ philosophy. Despite the lure of a mundane, blissful life most people on Earth aspire to, some unsung heroes step into the darkness to protect the rest of us. Behind the shocking headlines and underneath the comfortable blanket of science hides the truth in all its occult, gory detail. And somebody has to go into the dark and fight it.

Modern Gods Series

Release dates TBA.

🔥 Demonic Sanction

🔥 Necessary Evil

🔥 Seraphim Conspiracy

🔥 Title TBD

Back List Books

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No Tomorrow: Postcards from the End
(Homeschool fiction anthology of 21 mixed
contemporary, sci-fi, and fantasy short stories)
Love, Fiesta Style Anthology
Love, Fiesta Style

Modernity: Fight the Darkness

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