About Dave Reed

I’m a multimedia storyteller with my deepest roots in written fiction. My dark fantasy tales contain more swords and sorcery and sex than the law allows🐉.

In the boring Real World™, I dwell with my warrior-queen (and my demons) in the vicinity of San Antonio, Texas🦂, where I engineer software, bleed on the krav maga training mat, pretend to shoot competitively, and scribble novels to keep my sanity.

For the record, I have never been an official backup singer for Godsmack or Disturbed. Neither have I been an official stunt double for Dwayne Johnson or Bruce Willis. In all cases, any resemblance is a simple matter of mistaken identity…on their part.

In more interesting worlds, I saddle up my demons and ride them off into yet another fresh hell wherein to wreak blessed havoc with a badass antiheroine🦄 (and the occasional antihero).

No, I don’t write about the heroes you want. I make the monsters you need.

footnotes (from the emoji above)

🐉 Consult your attorney regarding the legal limit of darkness permitted in your local jurisdiction. You have been warned.

🦂 Alamo City, River City, Military City, et al. It’s a place with many names and mucha historia. Me encanta.

🦄 I use the quaint, gender-normative terms for the sake of audience familiarity, not because I actually care much where a heroic agent (luminary or shadow) falls on the biological, attraction, or any other spectrum. I don’t care. You do you, whatever makes you happy, you wonderful, wacky what-the-fuck. I love you the way you are.