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Dave Reed
169 Overlook Drive
Sunnyvale, Texas 75182
United States of America

+1 210-952-5028

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Tales from the Grimdark Side… ūüėą

To airt or not to airt: Some thoughts

As someone who has spent thousands and thousands of dollars to commission art surrounding and inspired by my novels, I’m deeply committed to human artists. Caterina Kalymniou, J-P Mavinga, and Epic Made have all produced‚Ķ

Next in the ongoing saga… Art reveal!

Last January, I commissioned my friend and super-talented artist, J-P Mavinga, to create a piece of art for the Raven Queen, Arise Kickstarter. The “Thunderbird and the Priestess” was inspired by a sequence of the‚Ķ

Tentacles, Yeah, but Beware the Bite

As heroines go, Askari isn’t the most lovable‚ÄĒshe’s downright antisocial sometimes. But in a world where megafauna rule the day AND the night, humans have to stick together. Even when they don’t like each other‚Ķ