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I have an idea problem. I have more ideas than I will ever have time to write: creating novels is a demanding craft, but it’s rewarding in its own right. For me, it’s a vocation, I’ll keep doing it for free even if nobody ever buys my books.

Almost all of my ideas are nasty, brutish, and short—like me. 😈 However, I would adore to read them. If I can get someone to write them… This will be a recurring type of post with more ideas in the future. Maybe once a month, I’ll dig into my backlog of ideas I’ve scribbled down from the inspirations the voices in my head share to post them here for you.

Most of my book concepts start with a title, but from time to time they begin with a character. The Muse sings to me in the shower, hums along with my favorite music, and whispers lullabies to me in my sleep. In these four cases, she gave me titles and blurbs.

If you’re a dark fantasy writer, these writing prompts are for you. I give them to you freely without reservation. Write them to your heart’s content. All I ask in return is that you publish them someday soon so I can read them! I never turn down free books. 💝

No Curse of Mine

An eldest son is cursed by a younger brother and his cronies after his father’s death using a bloodline hex based on his father’s bones. The eldest is disinherited at trial when the curse doesn’t kill him as expected but results in his conviction of witchcraft.

The elder brother must learn enough magic from a dying, decrepit old warlock to escape from prison, unmask his younger brother’s magical secrets, and avenge himself upon those who wronged him in this high fantasy retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo.

Monster Love

Greater love hath no man than this: that he lay waste to the lives of millions to save the one he loves.

What possible reason could someone have for awakening the dragons of legend? These predators from another world slumber for centuries, bound in slumber by those like me with the ability to sing them to sleep. But when they awaken, the storytellers say that they burn the world to sate their otherworldly hungers. This has not happened in living memory and the world grows fat and green.

While the dragons sleep attended by the cult of singers, the rest of humanity fights over the scraps in the ash heap of this world. A warlord has risen in the west, laid claim to my little patch of dirt, and demanded a tribute of women—including my daughter.

I don’t need an army to get her back.

I have dragons.

Of Men & Matriarchs

Behind every great woman is an army of men to do her bidding.

I love women. I love my wife just as much as all of her other husbands, perhaps more. But I’m convinced it’s time for men like me to rise up and claim our destiny and the freedom that should be our birthright but is denied us.

My problem is simple: How do you convince men who have never known freedom that it is worthy of disrupting our idyllic way of life? The system works as long as we smile, do what we’re told, and keep our youthful good looks. We all know, but never speak of what happens when a woman decides one of her men is too old.

And if my wife finds out the rebellion I’m plotting, she’ll murder me herself.

Break the Game

Every game is rigged. The trick is to be the one doing the rigging.

I had a good hustle going. Bouncing from church casino to church casino, I kept it small and didn’t get greedy enough for the big gambling houses to notice me. It was all wine, women, and song.

Until she came along.

Somehow, I let her tempt me into trying a con that was too big, too fast. Now I’m on the run from assassins hired by the Holy Order of Luck while she’s living the high life with my ill-gotten gains and the captain of the guard.

I’ve only got one chance to win back everything that’s mine. It might be a really long shot, but…

Never tell me the odds.

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