“I Bought It Because of the Cover”

You’ve all been there. That trip to the bookstore where you wander the stacks, no definite book in mind, but you know you’re in the mood for something…different. Something that doesn’t pull its punches. Something that will live up to everything it promises. Where the gore is gory and the sex is sexy and the ominous story really does sweep you into such a shadowy world you get the creeps reading it.

That’s what I’m looking for when I’m craving my next read, especially this time of year.

And let’s be honest, we all make up our minds by looking at the cover. The best dark fantasy covers catch your eye and light that curiosity in your belly, make you FEEL something visceral. You can smell the danger wafting out of the pages, and you go home excited to dive into your next adventure, certain it’s not going to be relaxing, but man, it’ll be so good.

Not gonna lie—I bought these fantasy books just because of their sexy covers.

The Last Wish by Adrzej Sapkowski (The Witcher Saga, Book One)

The Witcher covers always make you wonder what fearsome beast or battle Geralt will have to face next. He’s hated as much as he’s revered: Geralt, the supernatural monster-hunter, the antihero who takes on the fights no one else has the guts for. The monsters truly are monstrous in these stories—and they’ve got nothing on the people.

Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep (A Crown of Shards Novel, Book One)

Nothing gets my attention quite like that badass figure with blood dripping down the crown in her hand. I don’t know what her beef is, but I am here for some revenge killings. You had me at “Gladiator meets Game of Thrones.”

Tentacles and Teeth by Ariele Sieling (Land of Szornyek, Book One)

This one is just so fabulously…weird. Why does this woman have to fight her way through tentacled creatures in her city? Oh. Because the apocalypse wasn’t natural disasters or nuclear bombs, it was monsters. Naturally.

Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan (Chronicles of the Warlands, Book One)

Those blue eyes. The hint of romance against the backdrop of epic, fantastical war. You just know that somehow this woman will have to fight with everything she’s got to turn the tables. Use all her skills and cunning to go from hostage to warrior. And I’m always here for a strong female lead clawing her way up!

Free the Darkness by Kel Kade (King’s Dark Tidings, Book One)

I love the spooky, mysterious feel to this one—you can already feel the mysteries and conspiracies he’s wrapped in, the death that nips at his heels. Young warrior raised in a secret fortress bequeathed mysterious weapons? Check. Intent on unmasking the truth and enacting revenge? Check. Has no idea what he’s doing? Check.

I like to think the cover of my new release Raven Queen, Arise grabs you and gives you that thrill. That promise of a tale so dark and gripping you can’t catch your breath. Because if the cover promises sex and gore, a stong female lead and a terrifyingly grim world, let me tell you—it’s no lie.

Raven Queen, Arise by Dave Reed

Justice is dead. Long live Vengeance.

Under the banner of truce during the holy Spring Festa, four Chosen priests of the war god brutalized me, cut my throat, and dumped my naked corpse in a mass grave.

They plan to do the same to my entire clan.

The priests of the Hierarchy believed that was the end of me.

But Death loves me. And he’s giving me a second shot.

There’s a price I’ll need to pay, of course. Later. I have a plan for that, too.

First, I have unfinished business with my murderers. I need to save my family and protect my clan. And I burn for revenge. I’ll kill the four that took my life and threatened those I love.

They won’t die easy.

If you’re craving that next spooky read, check out Raven Queen, available at Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play Books, and Barnes & Noble Nook just in time for Halloween. I promise: it’s as good as the cover.

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