Book Recommendation: Sons to Keep by A.S. Etaski

You think you want the Matriarchy?

You can’t handle the Matriarchy.

Born a healer into a culture obsessed with power, Irrwaer had few prospects beyond changing bandages and emptying bedpans. Among the matriarchs, sex is power. Sex is magic. Irrwaer knows nothing of either. But she longs to…

Etaski delivers a portrait of drow society that Wizards of the Coast can only hint at in Dungeons & Dragons. Obviously fearful of the Puritanical censors, D&D will never show you the true darkness of the depraved, demon-worshipping dark elf culture.

But Etaski does.

She drags you down into the underdark beneath the world and fucks you on the altar of the Spider Queen. That’s the only path to becoming a Priestess of Braqth and a power to be reckoned with in your own right. Because that’s the only way to get your own half-breed demon son to keep.

Read the prequel for free. Own the rest and love them all.

Published by Dave Reed

daydreamer-in-chief, romantic & writer

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