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In writing milestones, I’ve finished the next novella in the Temple of Vengeance series and it’s off to my editrix. Once she’s had her way with it, the ebook will ship to YOU and to my lovely and talented narrator to produce the audio book for those of you who prefer them.

Novellas are part of my process now. What can I say? I’m more of a natural intuitive writer than a rigorous plotter. As a bipolar-ish bear, I vacillate between the two: part designer, part discoverer.

What that means for you, is more free novellas as I figure things out on the page. All the novellas in the Temple of Vengeance will always be free to subscribers. The next one up is Righteous Disobedience (Temple of Vengeance Vol 1.1).

What happened? Well, back in 2020, I finished the first (RQA1) in a way that I didn’t anticipate—but really loved. This means that I’ve had to spend more time back at the drawing board. (In case you’re curious, I escalated the power level for the Raven Queen waaay faster than originally planned. But discovered her reverse harem along the way.)

Anyway, I figure out a lot of things as I go, so I’ve found that writing “side stories” and prequels as novellas helps me realign the plot of the Temple of Vengeance quadrilogy in a way that I’m pleased with. All of the events in Death Descends and Righteous Disobedience have a direct impact on the story** and the plot** of Raven Queen, Avenge. And, I promise, that book two is coming as fast as I can write it well.

If you liked any of those, I know you’ll love what’s coming next in book two in Illyria’s eternal quest to right all the wrongs.

** The difference between story and plot are significant for me. I mean them in the same sense that Lisa Cron defines them in her writing craft books. Plot is the external events that happen to the heroine. Story is the internal change that happens inside the heroine. Both arcs have to happen (for me) to truly enjoy a book, which is why I write that way. Not everyone does and that’s OK. I’m here to give you the best I know how.

If you haven’t read the prequel to the Temple of Vengeance quadrilogy, it’s yours for the taking, Death Descends (Temple of Vengeance Vol 0.1). Grab yours today!

Righteous Disobedience will also be free to newsletter subscribers when it’s released.

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