2022 Production Schedule

In the interests of getting this out there for my own motivation and accountability, here’s The Plan™ for this year. The next novel in the Temple of Vengeance series, is Raven Queen, Avenge. I expect her to be about 100k words when she ships, just like the first volume.

Caveat: This schedule is tentative and subject to change. We’re relocating back to Texas from Seattle this year (long story) and landing in Dallas this time. What can I say, I come from a long line of hillbillies, wanderers, nomads, and pirates.


  • The Editrix receives the prequel novela Death Descends.
  • Finish Beginning Hook (25%)
  • Order cover painting


  • Death Descends goes out to Kickstarter backers and newsletter subscribers (free) before it goes on sale.
  • Finish Middle Build 1 / Midpoint Shift (50%)


  • Finish Middle Build 2 / All Is Lost (75%)
  • Cover proof
  • Launch preorder for Raven Queen, Avenge


  • Finish Ending Payoff (100%)


  • The Editrix gets the manuscript.
  • Beta readers get an early version.


  • Final cover
  • eBook and print Layout
  • Cover typography
  • Full, final reread


  • Proof and master


  • Launch 01 October


  • Kickstarter for the limited edition hardcover of Raven Queen, Avenge


  • Revise foolscap and plot for Raven Queen, Ascend.

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daydreamer-in-chief, romantic & writer

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