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Want to be among the first in the Raven Queen’s army? Click below!

What do you get as a supporter?

Pledge Level 1: $25 Ebook of “Raven Queen, Arise”

Pledge Level 2: $35 Limited Edition Signed Hardcover

Pledge Level 3: $50 Limited Edition Signed Hardcover w/ Art Cards

Pledge Level 4: $100 Limited Edition Leatherette Cover w/ Gold Foil & Ribbon Bookmark

Hero Tier Pledge Level 5: $500 Name A New Hero & Co-Develop A Backstory

Angel Tier Pledge Level 6: $1,000 Name A New Angel & Co-Develop A Backstory

Demigod Tier Pledge Level 7: $2,000 Name A New Demigod & Co-Develop A Backstory

God Tier Pledge Level 8: $3,000 Name A New God & Co-Develop A Backstory

Goddess Tier Pledge Level 9: $4,000 Name A New Goddess & Co-Develop A Backstory

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Once the campaign is fully funded, treasures untold will be unlocked!

Every single supporter will be named in the ebook and on the website forever & ever & ever.

Art card add-ons (digital or physical depending on your pledge level)

Postcards? Bookmarks?

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Stretch Goals

After the goal of $10,000 is reached, we’re not stopping!!

When we reach these levels of support, backers of the campaign will have the opportunity to receive:

1,000 Backers—Arlin canvas-type hardcover

2,000 Backers—Dust jacket for hardcover

3,000 Backers—Crimson Head/Tail Bands on spine of hardcover

4,000 Backers—Midnight Ribbon Bookmark

5,000 Backers—Map of Elysia Wall Poster

10,000 Backers—The Tarot of Godforge Deck